Yarnlight Collective Knitwear

rêve en vert is feeling a bit chilly in London today, and we think there is no better way to warm up than with Yarnlight Collective sweaters, the beautiful knitwear coming out of Paris from the former head of Christian Dior knitwear, Adam Jones.  Jones has created a line of “magic sweaters” that are a combination of cashmere, spun 24-carat gold and 4 per cent carbon to act as a protective shield from the negative electromagnetic waves we are all exposed to on the daily.

Yarnlight Collective Sweaters also have a healing property that is slightly hard to believe.  Jones has been able to incorporate positive energy levels into his fabric, resulting in wearer’s energy fields greatly improving, energy levels increased and stress levels decreased.  We are totally on board with this.  And as if it all weren’t good enough, the sweaters (and soon, scarves) are all produced from the finest factories in Milan, look and feel amazing.  A percentage of profits from the Yarnlight sales is donated to charities promoting meditation and wellness so bravo!  Shop them now at revenvert.com.